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November 15, 2018


Licensing Consulting Group Announces the Launch of Click It Picket Portable Fencing

Newport Beach, – The new technology is patented with quick connect technology and portability design. It offers a movable and configurable fencing solution which adapts easily to any situation and application. Temporary fences are lightweight fencing designs consisted of multiple sections or pieces. It’s put together to create different perimeter sizes and shapes. Temporary fencing

Jacksonville Veteran Launch GoFundMe Campaign

Dwayne S. Coley Sr. a United States Marine Corps Veteran and this his true story. September 1, 2017 after giving 10 faithful years of his life he was laid off from a Fortune 500 major Mortgage Bank. The news was devastating knowing the current conditions of our economy and job market. He had just reached 51

Announcing the launch of ‘Thought Waves Pro’, a highly effective, stress hormone reduction app

An experienced team of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy professionals led by family doctor Leanne Lawrence is offering a range of easy-to-use, audio-based, positive relaxation techniques, with the aim of benefitting individuals and assisting health professionals to offer easy stress reduction, together with its inherent health improvements, to patients across the globe. Hypnosis is guided meditation on

Grinkorn: Trump takes on the world with Trade & Tariffs

New York, – This past week president Donald Trump announced he would be putting tariffs on steel and aluminum goods coming from Canada, Mexico and the EU. The 25% and 10% reciprocal tax as the president calls it, is way overdue. The president has repeatedly said the US has been taken advantage of for years

Philadelphia Paternity Case of Shawn Carter Jay Z Seems to Show Fraud From the Beginning as Court Documents Reveal Fraud in Which Carried to New Jersey Among Attorneys, Courts and Carter

Philadelphia Case History Tells it All On Why James Rocco Removed Coley’s Name  and Put Wanda In Allege Collusion and Conspiracy to Commit Fraud October 5, 2011 –  Lillie Coley retains Rocco with a fee agreement. Initially he worked Robert Graves case then was split and given to Julie of Fox and Rothchild. December 9,

RoidGear.Net Offers Sponsorships To Bodybuilders

Like many sports, being a pro can be expensive. Bodybuilders consume anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 calories a day, and heavyweight pros will need as much as 250 grams of protein to build and sustain their hulking frame. Even after satisfying their caloric needs, bodybuilders often turn to supplements to pad out their protein needs

2018 Golden State Film Festival Announces Venue

The 2018 Golden State Film Festival is announcing the festival will be held at the Sepulveda Screening Room in Los Angeles on August 10-12. The independent film festival will be showcasing independent films from around the world. The festival will have an opening night event party and closing night awards party to be announced. “We

Sacramento Ken Smalley Insurance Agency, Celebrates 15th Year of Topper Club Award

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, – The team at Ken Smalley Insurance Agency is very excited to be celebrating their 15th year of exceeding production qualification to earn the Farmers Insurance Topper Club award.  Membership in the Farmers Insurance Topper Club is awarded to agents committed to providing quality insurance coverage and industry-leading service to Farmers’ customers. As

Segun Lasisi Named Director of Public Relations

Brentwood, TN – Mr. Lasisi, brings a comprehensive, strategic background in multi- media, communications, community relations and marketing communications. He’s responsible for shaping public perceptions of laExpose’ Production projects through effective media, community and staff relations. Mr. Lasisi, born in Nigeria, Lasisi Oluwasegun is a Media Enthusiast and Consultant. He has seen the destructive and

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