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October 23, 2018

New Jersey Federal Judge Joel Hillman Vindicates Parties Alleging Fraud in Shawn Carter Jay Z By Opening Files to Public

Because stability of the traditional nuclear family unit is the only time-honored, known base of also maintaining the stability of nations, wealth, freedom, independence, liberty and etc., heavy emphasis within UCRCoA focuses upon correcting governmental abuse and neglect of power over the related family and probate court matters, such as inequalities and injustices within legal proceedings of divorce, separation, and breakup of cohabitation, especially with children involved, as well as child protection services, juvenile delinquency and elder proceedings, like guardianships, trusts and estates.

UCRCoA has a foundational focus on restoring and protecting the entire traditional nuclear family unit, covering these seven major family law reform areas: each is massive fraud upon America’s economy.

Of course, there are also several major social issues of directly-relevant importance to the stability of the family, such as honest and fair elections, good financial wisdom of the government, at least basic religious wisdom of the government, reasonable morality, job security, wealth security, freedoms and liberties, sound international diplomacy, effective military forces, and so forth, but all of those things quickly pale away when compared to the fundamental destruction of the family member relationships, themselves, occurring daily throughout most of America’s thousands of family and probate courts.

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