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October 18, 2018

School districts delay start of classes due to bitter cold

PEABODY, Mass. (WHDH) — Several school districts in Massachusetts will be delaying their return from winter break due to the frigid weather.

The Peabody School District said, saying “extreme cold” will delay the start of classes Tuesday by two hours.

“Our building is an old school, so I can imagine that if we were there with the heat only on less than an hour, it would be very cold,” said parent Kristen Buckley, who is also a teacher in the district.

Over in Everett, school will closed entirely Tuesday for the 7,200 students in the district. Everett School Superintendent Frederick Foresteire said the conditions are incredibly dangerous considering the majority of the students walk to school.

“With a community like ours, a lot of families are not prepared for this kind of weather,” said Foresteire. “They come from all over the world and they’re not prepared for this sudden drop in temperature.”

The Lawrence School District also announced there would be a two-hour opening delay for students on Tuesday. Superintendent Jeff Riley announced the news on Twitter:


Source: WHDH

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