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July 22, 2018

Resort-Inspired Brand 'Bermuda Born' Launches Its First Handbag Collection

Resort-Inspired Brand ‘Bermuda Born’ Launches Its First Handbag Collection

Creative Director, Patrice Morgan has launched her international handbag brand, Bermuda Born, after being inspired by her native island home of Bermuda.

August 05, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – The brand is based in England and produced in Portugal by skilled leather craftsmen.

The Bermuda Born collection of women’s leather goods can be described as luxurious, yet practical and durable. “I wanted to create versatile leather goods that appeal to a modern woman’s lifestyle, a woman who is multi-faceted, and who appreciates luxury,” asserts Patrice. “The styles that I have designed serve a purpose for every occasion-whether it be work, vacation or handling day-to-day activities.”

The collection consists of six contemporary styles in fuchsia, aqua, beige and black-colors synonymous with the beautiful exteriors of Bermuda’s traditional houses. Fuchsia was used to symbolize the island’s well-known pink sand beaches, and aqua was used to reflect the clear blue coastline.

Bermuda Born handbags are a timeless, resort-inspired staple in the buyer’s fashion-forward wardrobe. The six debut handbags listed below are named after well-known locations throughout the island:

– Horseshoe Bay Cross Body Bag
– Saint David’s Boat Tote Bag
– Warwick Tote Bag
– Paget Purse
– Tobacco Bay Clutch
– Long Tail Coin Purse

Bermuda Born products  are sold online to buyers in the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA and in boutiques in Bermuda.

Visit www.bermudaborn.com to view the full collection.


Handbag designer and founder of Bermuda Born, Patrice Morgan graduated from London College of Fashion in 2012 and has since been building her brand organically by providing bespoke products to her personal client base. This summer she introduces her brand to the global community as she works alongside her European production team.


Source: PR

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