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October 20, 2018

LAX Ammunition Changing the Online Ammunition Store Game

LAX Ammunition Changing the Online Ammunition Store Game

Since it’s inception in 2009, LAX Ammunition has become a leading online ammunition store.

April 28, 2017 ( datsyn.com) – Southern California’s leading ammunitions manufacturing and distribution center, LAX Ammo, is also a premiere online ammunition store in the nation. The online ammunition store distributes a variety of brand name ammunition and gear, as well as their own brand name and reloaded rounds.

The staff at LAX Ammo is a group of dedicated gun owners well versed in all things gun related. They work at the online ammunition store because they believe in their product and use it themselves. The online ammunition store staff is knowledgeable and educated about guns and ammunition and is willing to answer all customer questions.

LAX Range saw a need for an inexpensive online ammunition store that was fully stocked with a variety of ammunition, including less-common ammunition. By going directly to companies and manufacturing their own new and reloaded ammunition they are able to offer a low price point rarely matched by competitors, thus changing the online ammunition store game.

LAX Ammo is Southern California’s premier online ammunition store, offering low prices and high quality rounds. The online ammunition store is gaining a reputation for manufacturing some of the best, wonderfully accurate and smooth reloaded rounds. To stock you gun safe as soon as possible visit their website at www.laxammo.com


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