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November 15, 2018

Archives for January 2017

Kansas teen turns locker into soda vending machine

VALLEY CENTER, Kan. (WHDH) — A Kansas teenager earned some serious attention from all over the world after he turned a school locker into a soda vending machine. Word caught on about the invention inside the school, and even led to the Discovery Channel reaching out to the student. The student, Blake Hawkins, said all

Carbonite buys California tech firm for $65M

Carbonite, a Boston data backup and recovery company, announced Tuesday it has acquired California-based Double-Take Software for $65 million in cash and stock. Double-Take Software’s technology helps businesses get their data servers up and running again as soon as possible after a cyberattack or other outage. The company is a subsidiary of Vision Solutions Inc.,

Crumbs Bake Shop shuts its doors in downtown Boston — again

Crumbs Bake Shop has closed in downtown Boston — again. The New York City-based bakery and cupcake chain had previously shuttered its location at 176 Federal St. in Boston’s Financial District in July 2014, only to be reopened months later after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. But this time, the chain’s bricks-and-mortar store appears

Trump touts less regulations, cheaper drugs for pharma industry

President Donald Trump has twin messages for the pharmaceutical industry: lower your prices and the federal government will lower the regulatory bar at unprecedented levels while ensuring public safety. In a meeting with pharmaceutical executives in the White House, the president also said the federal government would end “foreign freeloading” according to a pool report.

Amazon accused of racial discrimination by Mass. delivery drivers

Amazon is facing class action complaints from eight local black and Latino delivery drivers who claim the tech giant discriminated against them when they were fired under an altered background-check policy. The complaints were filed Tuesday with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, a state agency responsible for civil rights enforcement, on behalf of the drivers

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